In addition to hosting its own events, YNOT has deep relationships with the biggest industry trade shows and conferences. If you're planning to attend a conference and need assistance planning out a strategy that delivers the best bang for your buck, YNOT can help.

Designed for style applied to the expo. Publicity banners, business model, vertical blue and green tones they use.


Planning for a major trade show or conference can be a big chore. Most events offer a dizzying array of marketing opportunities, some that work well and others that just burn your budget. Even the right sponsorship buys still require good execution plans. Our deep knowledge of industry events can work for you.

Message Planning

The first step to a successful event is getting your message right.  The wrong message will doom success regardless of what you spend.

Event Evaluations

With decades of experience at trade shows, we have plenty of insights on which work best.  YNOT can help you choose the right events.

Sponsorship Packages

Once you know which events you’re attending, YNOT can negotiate on our behalf for the best possible prices and perks.

Graphic Design & Printing

Need help designing flyers, banners, or swag?  Not sure the best way to get your materials printed and shipped?  We can help here too.

Business Intros

You supply us with a list of the companies you’d like to meet and we’ll help arrange meetings.  Going in with a networking plan boosts productivity at events.

Parties & Mixers

Looking to make sure you hit the right parties and after-hours mixers?  We know which ones are worth your time, and can help make sure you’re there.



Contact our sales team to discuss your target events and your specific needs.  We’ll get you a personalized quote for services so we can get started as soon as you’re ready to begin.